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Just a quick and dirty post-pre-release look at a few cards that surprised me. For the record I tried to play all my Eldrazi (including Emrakul), and it didn’t work out so well for me (0-3 in matches).

Valakut Fireboar: As a 1/7 or 7/1 for 5 I was underwhelmed by this guy in the spoiler. He made the cut in my deck as a decent red blocker, but he is actually outstanding when combined with Umbras. Anytime I got Boar Umbra on Fireboar things got very awkward for my opponent, as I attacked with a 10/4 that couldn’t die. He is also excellent at holding the ground, as there are a number of 5 power trampling guys in the format looking to cause trouble. Not a bomb by any means, but certainly a reasonable sealed card.

Hada Spy Patrol: Levellers are really, really good in this format, and so is evasion. This guy has both, and when you expect the game to go on for 10+ turns swinging over and over with a 3/3 shroud unblockable is a fantastic plan that is actually quite hard to stop. More about levellers below, but I just wanted to highlight this guy and say there is almost no reason not to play him in your blue deck – even if you are planning to gum up the board and play Eldrazi, this guy will happily plug away at your opponent and demand removal, and you may just win the game by accident while trying to get up to 10 mana.

Knight of Cliffhaven: This guy is a perfect example of why levellers are better than people think they are. 5 mana for a Kor Skyfisher seems like a bad deal, but thats not the point.

There are usually two kinds of limited creatures – Bears and Wurms. Bears are good in the early game, and aggressive decks like to play a lot of them to attack the opponent on the early turns. Wurms are good in the late game, and by the time Wurms come out Bears are pretty much irrelevant. If you can play 1 Wurm a turn and your opponent is playing 1 Bear, you will win. You gain a sort of virtual card advantage by making your opponent’s cards useless.

The reason levellers are good is because they are both Bears and Wurms. Knight of Cliffhaven starts at 2/2 and attacks once or twice, then your opponent plays a Vent Sentinel. With a normal 2/2 creature, attacking is now not an option as you will just be destroyed by the Vent Sentinel. Knight of Cliffhaven maintains its relevance into the late turns by levelling up. If your opponent can’t leverage the virtual card advantage granted by their defenders, they are going to have to find some real removal to take care of your leveller. If they’re using their precious removal cards in the late game on what was originally a Grizzly Bears, that leaves the rest of your guys to run rampant.

So, that’s all I have to add to the discussion of RoE limited at this stage. Let me know what you think in the comments, or catch me on twitter if you’ve got a post of your own for me to read!


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